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About Us


Where we Started?

It all started 10 years ago as a father and son with a passion for cooking, living in Adelaide, realised there was some big gaps in the ready to eat meals industry.

From a shared premise, one freezer, a single door fridge and a menu of eight meal choices. Which has now grown to a father and two sons, our own premise, 25 freezers, a cool room, a menu of over 100+ meal choices and several dedicated staff members, serving out thousands of meals every week.


Why Choose AQM?

Our goal has always been to create the largest, most diverse, and most convenient ready to eat meals company in South Australia.

To find a perfect balance between health and taste, so our meals would be suitable for those who just want a delicious home cooked meal and those looking to improve their health and fitness.

A company where singles, couples, families, the young, the elderly, sufferers of food allergies or specific dietary requirements can all visit.

A perfect combination of healthy, tasty and convenience at affordable prices.

Not to mention our different approach to an ever-growing menu rather than an ever-changing menu, so your favourite meals are always available.


What Makes us Different?

A huge emphasis on customer service:

We have created a company which is based on our customers wants and needs.

We are the only company where you can get 100+ ready to eat meal choices without pre-ordering. Our customers can simply visit our store any time during our opening hours and select any meal on our menu. No minimum purchase, simply purchase as many meals as you require.

To Friendly staff which will spend the time to understand what our customers are looking for and explain the processes, to helping you take your bags to the car.

We have also tried to create a flexible and convenient delivery service. A choice of multiple delivery days as we understand our customers all have different schedules.

Only 24 hours’ notice required for delivery, not a week in advance. To convenient insulated carry bags, not large uncomfortable boxes. To accepting cash on delivery.

Understanding that many people are uncomfortable leaving their meals at the front door, so our customers can request a location which is more discreet. To requesting a text or call from our delivery drivers with an approximate delivery time.

To our delivery drivers sending a confirmation text and providing a photo of where meals have been left, to helping you bring the meals in and placing in your freezer if required.


A huge emphasis on taste and quality of our meals:

When it comes to anything food related the most important component is taste. You can have the healthiest food in the world, but if the taste is not there, it is very unlikely you will be motivated to consume for long period of time.

Which is why although our meals are portion controlled, calorie counted and low in fat, our original recipes are all exploding with authentic home style flavours without any sacrifice for taste.

All our meals are hand crafted from start to finish using quality and fresh ingredients. Made with 100% real food and contain no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours. No food substitutes, or enhancers, no stabilisers or agents and no food acids.

The only company to our knowledge where you can read and understand all the ingredients used in the making of our meals on our labels.

We also show huge emphasis on having control of all aspects of ingredients we use in the making of our meals. We clean and cut all our own meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Make from scratch all our own minces, stocks, sauces, and gravy’s, as well as home Made Lasagne sheets, Potato Gnocchi and Beef Ravioli.

Our Recipes contain exact quantities, grams, and mls to ensure our meals are cooked the same way every time without failure.



The plastic containers we use are 100% recyclable and reusable, food safe, BPA free and virgin grade.

We also use reusable plastic bags for our pickup orders and reusable insulated carry bags for our delivery orders.



We consistently work closely with two of the largest gyms in Australia in Anytime Fitness and F45, as well as several local gyms providing meals to their members participating in their fitness Challenges.

We also work closely with several retirement communities and carer communities such as Rest Haven Retirement Village, Helping Hand and NDIS, as well as several local GP’s, Diabetic Specialists, Dietitians, Health Coaches and Personal Trainers all recommending our company to the residents/clients.